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Continuing Education at the Warnell School

Spatial Capture-Recapture Modeling

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            Schedule for Spatial-Capture Recapture Modeling

Day Session
Monday, March 12 AM - Workshop introduction. Fitting non-spatial capture-recapture models with JAGS using the ‘R2jags’ and ‘rjags’ R packages.
  PM - General formulation of SCR models: basic models and their analysis in JAGS. Poisson and Bernoulli models for trapping arrays (camera traps, hair snares, etc.), multinomial encounter models.
Tuesday, March 13 AM -  Unmarked animals and mark-resight models.
  PM - Open population models and integrated population models
Wednesday, March 14 AM - Likelihood analysis concepts. Using the ‘oSCR’ R package. Spatial modeling of density.
  PM - Modelling landscape connectivity and resource selection.

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